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The summer program is for undergraduate engineers of all majors to take 2 classes in Rome, Italy. Students live in apartments and have classes at the Notre Dame Rome Center. Both classes are taught in English. Studying in Rome is a great experience because students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in all things Italian. Program dates are May 19, 2020, through June 28, 2020.

Lookout from St. Peter'sStudents at a restaurant Overview

The Summer Engineering Rome Program is a unique opportunity for all undergraduate engineers to explore Rome while taking 2 engineering classes for 6 weeks.  Students live in apartments with other Notre Dame students.  They take classes in English at the Notre Dame Rome Centre a block from the Colosseum.  The program also includes field trips to places of cultural, religious, and engineering significance.  The Summer Engineering Program allows students to have a unique cultural experience by being immersed in Italian culture.  2018 was the fifth year the program took place in Rome, and 50 students studied abroad.  

The program recognizes that because professional engineers practice in an international environment, they must be responsible for global technological progress as well as social concerns.  Students who participate in international study programs are exposed to technological achievements in other countries and everyday life in those countries.  Students become aware of the world, their voice in it, and their responsibilities to it.  

View a previous Program Calendar. The 2020 schedule will be similar.

About Rome

Rome is the Eternal City and is the largest city in Italy.  It was the capital of the powerful Roman Empire and is home to the capital of the Catholic Church: the Vatican.  Rome has centuries of history dating from ancient times with masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael.  The city is known for its ancient ruins, beautiful churches, food, art, and engineering and architectural marvels.


Open to undergraduate engineers of all majors

Six-week program: May 19, 2020, through June 28, 2020

2 engineering classes (6 credits) taught at the Notre Dame Rome Global Gateway 

Cultural and engineering-based excursions in and out of Rome included in the program

Living and taking classes in the center of Rome

2 Long weekends allowing for European travel

Easy train access to major Italian cities (Milan, Venice, Bologna, Florence, Naples, etc)