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Students in Local ShopLiving in Rome

Rome is the Eternal City, where history and great art come alive.  Rome is a city with lots going on in the summer, it is full of the Italian culture.  Rome is a great place to be a student in because much of the art and architecture is found in churches which are free to enter and because Italian's famous pasta is inexpensive!

Roman Neighborhoods

Rome has many districts, all with a unique feeling.  Listed here are some the famous districts in the city.  

Borgo: this is a small neighborhood close to the Vatican.  It has a medieval feeling with quaint streets.  

Colonna: this area is elegant, touristy, and business-like.  It is right in the center of Rome and is home to the Spanish Steps and the Pantheon.  There are many great piazzas (open squares) that are great for enjoying the day and people watching.  

Medieval Monti: this area was very busy during Caesar's time.  Now it is home to trendy restaurants, nightlife, hipsters, and the famous Santa Maria Maggiore.

Trastevere: this are is located west of the Tiber River and is composed of windy charming streets.  This area is known for its authentic people and restaurants, and one-of-a-kind shops.  

Vaticano: this area is not actually part of Rome, but the smallest country in the world.  The Vatican is head of the Catholic Church and is surrounded by walls from the rest of the city.  It is home to the current Pope, and the impressive Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museums, and St. Peter's Basilica.


Some students on the program will be staying in hotel accommodations, and some will be staying in apartments.  The students in the hotel do not have kitchens at their hotel but there are 2 full kitchens in the Notre Dame Rome Center.  Students in the apartments will have kitchens in each of their apartments.  Many students choose to cook regularly in the Notre Dame Rome Center or in their apartments. 

One of the supermarkets close to the Notre Dame Rome Center is:

Tuo Spa
Via Annia, 14 00184
Roma, Italy

A typical Italian meal is made up of a antipasti (appetizer), primi (pasta), and secondi (meat or fish); people can choose any number of the courses in a given meal.  Italians eat little or no breakfast, a large leisurely lunch, and a smaller dinner.  Gelato (ice cream) is a famous in Italy and can be found at small cafes throughout the city.

Some restaurants frequented by the students are listed:

La Boccaccia is famous for their pizza by the slice and is located in the fun neighborhood of Trastevere.
Da Li Cochi a Trasteverse has paninis named for different members of the Rome soccer team
Pizzeria Ai Marmi has the best calzone in Rome
Ostaria Del Moro da Tony is famous for its chicken parmesan


Students will have 2 options to get from their residence to the classroom building daily.  They can walk 50 minutes from the apartments or 30 minutes from the hotel, or they can choose to take the Rome metro or bus and get off at Colosseo (5 minutes from classroom).  The transportation cost of the metro and bus is included in the program.  Rome is a large city but many of the landmarks and famous sites in the city center are walkable.  Other options for transportation include the metro, bus, or taxi cab. 


The weather in Rome in the summer is hot and dry with temperatures in the 80s.  Students should be prepared, however, for temperatures as low as 65 and as high as 95.  Students should make sure they bring appropriate clothes to be allowed in the European Churches.  Many churches in Italy and Europe require that one's knees and shoulders be covered.

Student visit Trevi Fountain Fun Things to Do and See

Colosseum and Roman Forum

Circus Maximus

St. Peter's Basilica

Blessing by the Pope

students eat Pizza in Rome

Vatican Museums

Sistine Chapel

San Giovanni in Laterano

Santa Maria della Vittoria

Santa Maria Maggiore

San Pietro In Vincoli

Piazza Navona

Pope Francis at audience  Spanish Steps

Trevi Fountain


Castel Sant'Angelo

Villa Doria Pamphili Park 

Giardino Degli Aranci (orange garden) Park

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