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Traveling in Europe

Many students choose to travel to other places in Europe during the two long weekends.  These four day breaks are the perfect amount of time to go enjoy another culture.  Since students are already in Rome, visiting other European countries are great opportunities, because travel is much cheaper then coming from the States. Not all the students plans these trips, and some students also plan a third trip for another weekend. Visit the Notre Dame International website for more information about preparing for travel.

Here are some of the countries and cities students in the Engineering International Summer Programs have visited

Notre Dame students in GreeceItaly: Assisi, Capri, Cinque Terre, Florence

England: London

France: Paris

Germany: Berlin, Munich

town in Cinque TerreGreece: Athens

Ireland: Dublin, Galway

Portugal: Lisbon

Spain: Barcelona, Madrid

Getting There

Many students choose to fly to european cities.  If they are going somewhere in Italy they can also choose to take a train.  The airports in Rome are the Ciampino, Fiumicino, and Rome Urbe.  The bargain airlines in Europe are Easy Jet and Ryan Air.

The Ciampino airport can be reached by bus or train.  The bus costs 4 euros and takes 40 minutes, it can be taken directly from the Rome Termini to the airport.  To take the train one must take it to the metro to the city center of Ciampino for about 1.50 euros.  This takes 35 minutes with one transfer, and then take a 1 euro bus to the airport, another 5 minutes.  

The Fiumicino airport is larger and can also be reached by bus or train.  The bus costs 4 euros and takes 50 minutes taken directly from the Rome Termini to the airport.  There is a regional train which takes 30 minutes and goes to the Stazione Ostiense for 8 euros.  


The most common accommodations for students are hostels and hotels.  Hostels are lower end hotels with less amenities.  Students can usually get private rooms if they are traveling with enough people or can choose to get a single spot in a larger room.  Good hotel deals can be found, making them a bit more expensive, but still an affordable option.  hostelworld.com and booking.com are good places to start looking.  

Travel Apps

TripIt is a travel app that will organize your flight information

Kayak lets your compare cheap flights easily and quickly

HostelWorld.com is still getting better but it allows users to compare hotel deals

Rick Steves' Audio Europe gives you short audio guides on different cities in Europe and short guided walking tours